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Thank you to eveyone for supporting the league ..... it was great to see so many returning players from last season or from years ago, as well as new players coming into the league ..... The Kick-Off Team Tournament was a huge success .......together, we shared some laughs and smiles, but most importantly, EVERYONE HAD FUN !!!!!.......Full League play starts Sept 29th........Schedule is now posted, please check back for any revisons ......Stats will be posted once scoresheets are received - Please ensure propoer completion !!....Scoresheets can be dropped of at Legion or as mentioned, take clear picture and email to statistician......If any questions or for further information, please reach out to Karen Ryan,   kryan4394@gmail.com   or  Don Portanova,  donportanova@gmail.com  .....Have a Great Season ....and .....Have FUN !!!!!!
WDODL - Memorial


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